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Monday, February 23, 2009

Who needs Roses when you can have Tory!? :)

Tory Burch and my "Missy" card

The month of February has almost come and gone! It has been a busy month. School has been so busy and Johnny has been so busy with work. But we did make time to have a wonderful Valentine's Day together. We had dinner at Andy's Steakhouse and Johnny got me some gorgeous Tory Burch sandals! He picked them out all on his own.....good thing my husband has good taste! :) He loved his gift from me too, Cotton Bowl DVD and Ole Miss Under Armor! The following weekend we had the Jones' and Melanie come stay with us. We went to dinner at Boure for Jacob's birthday and then went and had drinks. Saturday we went and watched the Rebels beat Georgia at the Tad Pad. After the basketball game we went to dinner at Ajax with Glenda and Dr. John. Then it was back to studying for me. And now, I am laying in the bed with Woody, Missy and Max watching tv (while I should be studying.) Johnny is in New Jersey for work and won't be home until late Thursday so I am trying to stay occupied! We are going to San Francisco next Wednesday and I am so excited. I have never been and everyone tells me it is a great vacay spot! I'll be sure to let ya know how it goes on the next post! :)
on Valentine's Day

Jacob's cute Colonel Reb cake

at the Rib Cage

The girls at the Rib Cage