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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Once you are quote "in the real world", weekends just go by way too fast. Its like every week you are waiting for Friday to get there, and then...POOF! The weekend blows by! Kinda sucks, but I guess that is just part of growing up. Anywho, the other weekend Johnny and I went to Birmingham for a little "get away". I was in major need of maternity clothes and he was such a good sport to go with me. That is one area where Tupelo is lacking. Tupelo has NO cute maternity stores. LadyBugs downtown has started carrying some maternity clothes, but I just haven't found too much in there......BUT, it is also inbetween seasons, so I'm sure if I check back in a couple weeks they will have some cute stuff. However, while we were in Birmingham I went to A Pea in the Pod and Swanky Stork. I have been to A Pea in the Pod in Memphis, and they have a really good store, so I was excited to go to the one in Birmingham too. They had totally different stuff which was nice. And I have to give a "shout out" to Swanky Stork. It is a smaller boutique and they have the cutest stuff. They carry Michael Stars, 7s, Citizens, Maternal American, etc etc. And, when I ran out of time on Saturday to make it there by 5pm, they were super accomodating and met me there Sunday afternoon before we left town. So, if you are expecting or know someone that is, I would definitely recommend The Swanky Stork to them. They also have a great website, so if you can't make it to Bham, the trusty internet never fails! So, you can visit them at www. theswankystork.com

Also while we were in Birmingham we went to three of my favorite restaurants......Moe's Southwestern Grill for lunch, PF Chang's for dinner, and a pancake place for breakfast the next day. I HAD to go to the places that Tupelo doesn't have.....and Moe's and PF Chang's are just so delish I can never pass them up, especially while I am pregnant. :)

I have finally finalized all of Ann Cambria's bedding/curtains/etc. It is going to be absolutely gorgeous. It is very dainty and antiquey. The colors are pale, pale pink/kelp pattern (kelp is a greyish, green color, more grey than green), pale pink minky dot, kelp satin, a sheer ecru overlay and another pale pink solid. I will upload a picture of the swatches. We are going to order her furniture soon. I don't know why we keep putting this off??? I have it picked out and I know it takes 6-8 weeks to get it in, but I guess thats why I am not rushing. We will for sure be in the apratment for 3-4 weeks with the baby, and I am not setting up an entire nursery for 3-4 weeks, then having to take it down to move to another house. So, we are only going to have the bare essentials at the apartment (i.e. pack-n-play, bouncy seat, swing, changing pad, bottles, diapers, etc.). Her nursery will be gorgeous, but she just won't see it for a couple weeks (I'm sure she'll never know the difference ha).

I should be working on my seminar that I have to give on September 29. My topic is Oral Contraception and the Risk of DVT formation. My power point is due Sept 1 (which is Wednesday) and I am about 30% done with it. But now that I am on rotation for school, doing actual "homework" is so hard now. I just feel like I should done with that stuff. But, after Sept 29, I am! Thank God! I am thankful that my seminar date is Sept 29, because the other date was January 19 and considering I will have a 6 week old by then, I do not think I will be focused on some seminar! But enough procrastinating for tonight...I am going to try and make another slide or two...maybe. ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Update

With all the excitement of starting our house and uploading 4 months worth of pictures, I completely forgot to give a little baby update. After we had the name dilemma, we are pretty sure we are going with the name "Ann Cambria". My only concern is that people will shorten it or give her a nickname, like "AC" or "Cami" or "CamCam".....you get the point. I do NOT want that. Cambria is a family name, and if I use Ann Cambria, I want that to be her name (not some stupid nickname). But, I hate to be the annoying mom that corrects everyone if they call her something else....but I will if I have to ;). So, hopefully Ann Cambria will stick. We had a 3rd sonogram on August 11 and we were reassured she is a little girl and her heart looks good (that was the main reason we had another sonogram was to check the structure of her heart due to Johnny's sister passing away from a congenital heart defect). But, our little princess looks great. She weighed 1lb 2oz and we actually saw her make a sucking motion with her mouth. It was so cute! And we found out even better news that if I haven't had her by December 8, Dr. Webb is going to induce me December 9! YAY! My original due date was Dec 14, but since I have to start back my rotation at the hospital January 19, Dr. Webb is going to take her a little early to give me more time at home with her. Yipee! :) Needless to say Christmas will be interesting this year.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Deciding on a Name

So, we thought we had decided on a name for the little princess. We were planning to call her Ella Cambria. However, this morning when I checked my blackberry, I saw where the FDA had approved a new "plan B" pill. The difference is, instead of having to take it within 72 hours of contraception failure, you can take it up to 5 days after failed contraception. I really didn't think much of it....I get emails from the FDA about drug stuff 2 to 3 times a day (sounds kinda nerdy, but hey, that's what a pharmacist is suppose to do....). Anyways, so I am driving to Jim Bain's this morning and I am texting my father-in-law, and he asks "Did you see the brand name of the new morning after pill?". And I am like "no, I saw there was a new one, but I only saw the generic name (ulipristal acetate). So, as I am driving down McCullough Bvld, I look it up......and what is the new brand name for the "extended time period" morning after pill?????? ELLA! Freaking Ella. Who names a drug "Ella"? I didn't really think too much of it, but after running it by a few people at Jim Bain's and Johnny, we have decided not to name our princess Ella. I still don't think it is "that" big of a deal....however, Johnny is adamant that his daughter will not be named the same as a "morning after pill". I really can't blame him, especially since most drugs do spend 8-10years on the market before going generic. So, with that being said, we are back to square one. I still love the name Ann Cambria, but Johnny isn't sold on it yet. However, we need some help deciding on names. He also like the name Emma Grace, but I want her middle name to be Cambria, so maybe Emma Cambria??? I dunno...we have a while to decide, but I know people will want to get us stuff monogrammed especially for our two baby showers. It is so hard to decide on names. They kinda stick with you for a while, so it is a big decision!! If you have any suggestions, let us know! Here are some names we have been toying with:
- Ann Cambria
- Emma Grace
- Demi ????
- Emma Cambria
- and sadly, NO longer Ella Cambria :(

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Rest of Summer

Ok, June was a pretty relaxing month. Not much happened. Johnny and I took one last beach trip before I started rotations, but other than that, not much happened. Destin was fun....however, I couldn't enjoy the sushi like I normally do because of the pregnancy. But, thats ok......Ella is a tad more important. Other than the beach, we were pretty laid back. Here are more pictures....and I think I am caught up now. :)

The Burks before dinner one night

oh, how I love Destin, FL

During July, I was locked away at Walgreens.....booooo. So, no trips, no pictures....not much of anything. July is when we found out that we are having a baby girl, but I haven't uploaded the sonogram pictures yet. I will though. I will post them sometime this weekend (I am going to do better than the past 4 months ha). August has been a fun month. I picked out Ella's furniture, Glenda offered us an antique wicker rocking chair (with a great cushion that I am going to have recovered), I started rotations at Jim Bain's Pharmacy, we took a trip to PickWick, and tomorrow we are going to Birmingham. Ella needs a trip to SAKs. :) So here are pictures from PickWick....hope you have enjoyed the updates!

Johnny and me on the dock

Me and Mary Frances sunning on the dock


May was a BUSY month at the Burk household. I had finals for school, Johnny and I were both in a wedding, we moved back to Tupelo and we went to the beach for our 2 year wedding anniversary! I am normally a picture fanatic. I honestly don't know anyone who takes more pictures than I do. However, since I got pregnant, I have not been snapping as many photos. I just do not feel like taking pictures, especially now that I am showing (and NO, I will NOT be posting any "belly" pics.....it creeps me out when people do that). But here are some pictures from the month of May...

Ashleigh and me at France's wedding

Ashleigh, Mary Frances, and me before the ceremony

Bride and me (and I am 8.5 weeks pregnant here and nobody knew ha)

Harbor Docks in Destin, FL
chilling poolside :)


Literally for months, I have been saying I am going to post pictures from the past few months, so here they are! My best friend, Kristen, got married April 17. It was a great weekend and everything was beautiful. Here are the pics!
at Kristen's bridesmaids luncheon

Kristen and me at the Rehearsal Dinner

Kory (another bride-to-be) and me

Ashleigh and Chris (soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Daniel)

Me and the hubs (fyi, I was 6 weeks pregnant and no one knew ha!)

Natty and me at the reception

Bride and Groom dancing

House Progress

As I have posted previously, we have started our new house! We are so excited. We have been waiting for this day for a long time. Johnny and I had a precious house in Oxford and we actually miss it (not the closet space, or lack thereof), and we had an "ok" house in Jackson (it was just a rip off for the $), and now we are living in an apartment in Tupelo (which is super nice, actually nicer than our house in Jackson, but its just not "ours"). So, we are definitely thrilled to finally have a house of our own. We are building in Spring Lake and we think it will be a great neighborhood for Ella to grow up in. She can ride her bike to the clubhouse and tennis courts and we can swim in the pool during the summers (until we put our own in), and Max can even swim in all the lakes. Johnny and I are just really excited about the years to come. Here are some pictures of the lot before they cleared all the trees. We wanted to keep 1 of the 4 massive oak trees, however, they were smack in the middle of the lot, soooooo they had to go!
view from the side of the lot

from the front right corner of the lot

view from the street (we obviously have a slight hill at the front of our lot that my Dad is going to cut down).

And here are pictures once my Dad's workers started knocking down trees.....

Dwight knocking down trees


splat.....tree is down

loading trees in the dump truck

empty lot :) Ready for a house now!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Excitement in the Burk Household

This summer has been pretty uneventful for the most part. However, we recently found out we are having a little princess, my stomach has decided it is time to "pop out", I am HALF WAY through my pregnancy, AND in other big news, we broke ground on our house!! YAY! We are so excited....the next few months will be crazy for many reasons:

1) preparing for Princess's arrival
2) building a house (yipeeeee)
3) finishing pharmacy school
4) Johnny starting his MBA
5) couple weekend trips
6) friend's wedding festivities

Hopefully Johnny and I will be able to keep our sanity through out it all. Should be interesting. And I swear, on my next post there WILL be pictures. :)