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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who does Anne Cambria look like??

So, I hear all the time that Anne Cambria looks like Johnny. And the other day Johnny snapped a picture of Anne Cambria and I playing in the floor together. So here is the proof of who she looks like......

blonde hair/blue eyes and brown hair/brown eyes......

But, I am going to scan and upload some baby pictures of me, because even though it may be hard to tell, Anne Cambria does actually favor me when I was a baby. Proof to come later. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daddy's Girl

I came in the other night to find Anne Cambria with her daddy's hat on.....wonder how that happened? They are so sweet together. She already has Johnny completely wrapped around her finger. Its so cute!

Rice Cereal

At our 4 month check up we got the go ahead for rice cereal and baby food. So, on April 12 we started learning to eat rice cereal with a spoon. Anne Cambria was slightly confused at first, then she got mad and screamed, and then once I calmed her down she decided to eat it. However, she was sucking the spoon like it was a bottle ha! But after 8 days of eating from a spoon at dinner time, I can say she is starting to catch on. I am going to do rice cereal at dinner for 2 weeks, then go to rice cereal at breakfast and dinner for 2 weeks, and then introduce baby food. We have got to master our spoon skills before venturing to the really yummy stuff! :) 

I'm hungry so I'll eat my bib

delicious bib ha

I'd rather have my bottle, NOW!

maybe I do like this stuff???


I'm getting the hang of this

who needs a bib???

Easter Bunny

A couple weeks ago Anne Cambria went to meet the Easter Bunny at the mall. I didn't take her at Christmas to meet Santa b/c there were waaaaay too many people (aka GERMS) and she was only 2.5wks old. So, she did get to meet the Easter Bunny. :)

I have feet!

About a week ago, Anne Cambria discovered her feet! It is so cute. All she wants to do now is lay on her back and grab her feet. She is the cutest thing and she is discovering something new all the time. Here are a few pics.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4 month stats

We just got home from Anne Cambria's 4 month check up. She did great. I hate when she gets shots, but they are for her best interest. She weighed 14lb 12oz (75%tile) and is 25 1/2inches long (85ish %tile). Dr. Ivancic gave us the go ahead for "solid" foods. We are going to start rice cereal tonight and advance to baby food in a few weeks. She is healthy as can be and just as cute as ever. By the time Dr. Ivancic made it to our room, Anne Cambria had pulled three sheets of paper off the table that they lay the kids on and was wiggling everywhere. Dr. Ivancic was impressed with her "skills" ha! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Anne Cambria's nursery is still not completely done. Everything has been ordered, but I am still waiting on a few things to come in. But here is a picture of her crib. The curtains are the same as the bed skirt, and the bumper pad pattern is the same as her diaper stacker and the cushion in her rocker. I am going to post some more pictures when it is finally complete. Hopefully only another week or so.

Such a Rollie Pollie

Anne Cambria started rolling from her belly to back about 6 weeks ago. And now she does it ALL the time. Every time I lay her on her stomach for some "tummy time", she flips right back over. I think she is proud of her skills ha!


A few weeks ago I got Anne Cambria a "jumperoo". She seemed bored with her swing and I thought she needed another toy. So, off to ToysRUs. And here is what we got.....

checking everything out

still too short to touch the floor :)

teething has started :(

4 months old

Saturday, April 9 Anne Cambria turned 4 months old! I can't believe my little Queen is already 4 months old. It seems like she learns something new everyday. We go for our 4 month check up on Tuesday, April 12. I will update her "stats" then. She is just the happiest baby and such a good little sleeper. Our life completely revolves around her and we wouldn't have it any other way. Here are some pictures of our photo shoot (I hope the frequent flash doesn't cause eye damage?!?!?)

good morning Bun Bun, time for pictures again

Happy Birthday to Me!

working on our balance :)

intensely watching Baby Einstein

pure perfection :)

Bun Bun

Bun Bun is a stuffed bunny that the Burks bought Anne Cambria while they were in France. He is super soft and matches perfectly with her room. I am sure he will be one of her favorite toys while growing up. And every time we have a "birthday", I always take a picture of her sitting next to him. It'll be neat to see how much she grows over 12 months. Here are some pictures from a random photo shoot the other day. 

where are you Bun Bun?

what's up??

look at my new socks, Bun Bun

what are we going to do today???

You are so funny!

Car Seat

So, Anne Cambria hates her car seat. And I mean seriously hates her car seat. It is a rare occasion that she doesn't fuss 75% of the time when in it. Even when we stroll, she doesn't like it. Most babies LOVE to fall asleep in their car seat....nope! Not our little Queen. She'd rather be in your lap. But that is ok. She is the Queen and she is in charge, so we do what she "says" (or yells ha). Here is a pic I snapped when she was deciding whether to fuss or not.

Playdate with Anne Bailey

During my spring break, we had a playdate with Anne Bailey (finally!). I have feel like I already knew her since I follow the Thomas' blog, but it was so good to finally meet Ms Anne Bailey in person! She is so cute. She was showing Anne Cambria all of her tricks. :) Here are a few pics from their playdate.
I love Anne Bailey's hair bows....Anne Cambria still has peach fuzz ha!

It looks like Anne Bailey is thinking "why are you on my couch??"

precious girls

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Wedding weekends are the best time to catch up with friends. Now that we have Anne Cambria, we usually only get out on the weekends for "special" occasions (i.e. engagement parties, weddings, other parties) because Anne Cambria is still so little I haven't ventured out into the babysitter world except for Gran and Granny. I'm thinking this fall, once she is 9 months old or so I am going to venture into "non" family member babysitters...maybe. :) Anyways, it seems like from April 2 until May 21 we have something to do every Saturday night which is super exciting because I love having the chance to get out of the house and hang out with friends. We are trying to keep our social life going even though we have a baby ha! Anyways, here is the only picture from Allie's wedding that I took (and I actually didn't even take it, Melanie did!). 

future Momma Massey, Melanie, Me, and Kristen