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Thursday, March 25, 2010


The Edgecombes and The Burks

Johnny and me

Hardie and Lacy's first dance

Me and Hardie at the Rehearsal Dinner

at the Rehearsal Dinner

after eating Cafe du Monde

Lindsey, Kory, Me, Kristen, Ashleigh, Melanie, & Cam

All 14 girls with the 2 brides to be

going out on Bourban 80s style :)

Kristen, Me, and Mary Frances

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Orleans

New Orleans......its such a great place. I started visiting New Orleans after Johnny and I had been dating a while. The first time I went to New Orleans was in 2005 (I think). Since then it seems like I've literally been at least twice a year every year. I have already been 3 times this year. Its such a great city. From the night life to the food and I can't forget our amazing friends Hardie and Lacy that live there. Johnny and I have stayed at so many different hotels from Le Richelieu to the Hilton Riverside to the Ritz Carlton to Hardie and Lacy's condo :) Well, the past two weekends I spent them celebrating special occasions in this fabulous city. On March 12, me and 15 other girls traveled to NOLA to celebrate Kristen and Mary Frances's last few weeks of being single ladies. Kristen is getting married April 17th and Mary Frances is getting married May 1st. These two girls are so special to me and we had the best time hitting the town and exploring NOLA. Kristen had never been to NOLA, so of course we had to go to Cafe du Monde and walk through the Quarter. This past weekend, Johnny and I went to NOLA to celebrate Hardie and Lacy's Wedding. It was such a great weekend. Lacy was beautiful and everything was just perfect. It is a rarity for us to go to NOLA and not see them, but now when we go to NOLA, we are going to visit "The Edgecombes" not Lacy and Hardie ha. But, now it is back to reality and I need to be studying, but I decided to blog about one of The Burk's favorite cities...New Orleans! :)

Here are a few of our favorite places.........
good shopping

Cafe du Monde Y-U-M-M-Y!

Monkey Hill Bar in Uptown

some serious Good food

Pictures from that past 2 weekends are coming soon! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Here are some pictures from the past couple weekends.....I feel like I'm "out of the loop" because I am like the only person in the Jackson area to not post "snow storm" pictures ha. So here they are plus a few others!

girls at Kristen's Kitchen Shower

Kory and I at the Stock the Bar party

The Burks

Some of the girls at Mary Frances and Adam's Stock the Bar party

the wooded area at the front of our neighborhood

me in the snow

our little snowy house on the hill

our snowy cars ha

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Its Almost Over

3 Blocks down, and only 1 to go! I can't believe it is finally Block IV. WOW......where did the last 8 months go? I actually really don't care, because that just means its much closer to us moving back to Tupelo (or Oxford??). Our house is still for sale in Oxford. We have had lots of "lookers" but no bites just yet. We have a fabulous new realtor, and we have a lot of confidence in her. Anyways, I have lots of pictures to post from the "snow storm" we had in Jackson and a few fun weekends. But, right now I need to finish a tx plan and head to sleep, so until next time! :)