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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Its been a while......

The past month has been busy to say the least. We had two weddings, finals, and we finally moved home to Tupelo! Kristen & Tyler's and Mary Frances & Adam's weddings were a great time. Wedding weekends are always so much fun and I love getting to see people I haven't seen in a long time. Pictures from both those wedding will be posted soon. My USB cord is still in a box somewhere.....
Anyways, I had finals for pharmacy school and I start my rotations in July. Praise the Lord. It was the best feeling packing up our house in Jackson, pulling out of the drive way, and knowing we didn't have to drive back down there to live. You really appreciate your hometown once you have lived away from family and friends for so long. I haven't lived in Tupelo for more than a week at a time since 2006 and it is so good to be permanently home! We are currently living in my dad's apartments that he recently built. They are down the road from TCPS......

http://grandoleoaks.com/ (a little advertisement for my dad ha)

However, we just bought a lot in Spring Lake. We are so excited! We are going to start building our house in October, but I am having trouble not jumping the gun. I have been to Room to Room twice already looking at furniture and stuff. I need a big patience pill.

Some other good news, Johnny and I are expecting our first baby! :) We are thrilled. We found out about 6 weeks ago, but we didn't tell friends and family until mother's day weekend. I am 10 weeks, and we are due around December 14. This is a really exciting time for us. Please keep us in your prayers as we go in to the adventure of Parenthood!