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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

20 Week check up

Today we went for our 20 week check up. I had a sonogram at 16 weeks and we saw all of the baby girl's healthy organs, so I didn't have a "real" sonogram today. I had a sonogram with a Vscan. It is a hand held sonogram machine and the screen size is similar to an iphone. You can see the heart beat, her position, movements, etc. It is just not as detailed as a real ultra sound. Anyways, baby girl looked healthy and she has turned kinda diagonal, but more "head" down. I'm sure she will switch positions 100 times between now and January 10, but at least she wasn't completely breach like she has been at every other ultra sound. :) I have been feeling pretty good lately. My headaches have eased up in frequency and I am SO thankful for that. But with this pregnancy, I have had every symptom possible. I had ZERO pregnancy complaints with Anne Cambria. None. Nada. But this baby girl is a different story. But most have subsided, except I am CONSTANTLY thirsty. I am not a huge water drinker to begin with, so I have been forcing myself to drink water and G2 Gatorade is always in my refrigerator now. But other than drinking like a camel, all is well in the world of Baby #2. Now if we could just for sure settle on a name. :)

Half Way Point!!!

We are already half way through this pregnancy! OMG! I don't know where the time keeps going, but let's just say I need to get in high gear. The new nursery is currently Anne Cambria's en suite playroom. We are currently converting the bonus room above the garage in to a playroom. I have several fabric swatches for the new nursery bedding and curtains, but I haven't made any final decisions. Here is a picture of the main fabric that will be the bed skirt and part of the curtains. It will be mixed with one or two more solids. I am not into really "bright" nurseries. I prefer dainty but I definitely want some contrast from Anne Cambria's. I am headed to Premiere Prints this week. Hopefully I can get her fabrics finalized soon! :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Naming Baby Girl #2

Now that we are 100% sure baby #2 is a healthy baby girl, we are trying to decide on a name. If this had been a boy, it would have been super easy. We have one boy name that we will hopefully get to use in the future, John Barrows Burk. But right now we are focusing on baby girl #2. Anne Cambria has such a sentimental name that I really want this baby's name to have meaning as well. I thought I had already picked out her name, however, Johnny is being much more indecisive with this baby. Here is a list of what we are toying with.

Mary Katherine Burk (Mary Kate)
Emma Katherine Burk (Emma Kate)
Olivia Marie Burk
Katherine ______ Burk
Mary Phillips Burk
Ella Katherine Burk (Ella Kate)
Caroline _____ Burk

All of the above names are family names except Caroline, Ella and Olivia. Caroline hasn't stuck very well with either of us, but it is still on the short list. Mary is on both sides of our family, as is Katherine. Emma and Marie are on Johnny's side of the family. Johnny really likes Olivia, but I like Ella better. I guess we'll have to wait and see a few more weeks. But as all my friends know, I am dying to start monogramming things! :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby Burk #2 is A......

A sister?!? WHAAAT???

We found out August 13 that Baby Burk is indeed another precious baby girl! We went for an ultra sound on July 31 and she would not show us her goodies. However, the sonogram technician was fairly confident she was a girl. But I was only 16weeks, so we wait two more weeks and went to A Baby's Kickin and had another ultra sound. Baby girl cooperated MUCH better that go around. She is healthy and we know Anne Cambria is going to be a great big Sister. I had a feeling the whole time that this baby was a girl, and ironically, Anne Cambria would never say "brudder" but she would say "seeester". So, maybe she knew as well?? Who knows! But we are so blessed to have a healthy baby girl on the way! She is measuring exactly to my due date which is officially January 10, 2013. She doesn't have a for sure name yet. I am working on that. :)