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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

We had a blast celebrating Valentines this year. Anne Cambria had been talking about it for days! She still yells "happy balentimes!" whenever she sees a heart or a red balloon ha! Her teacher, Ms Tina, made them cute little tutus at their school Valentines party. She loved it! I forgot to take a picture of her valentines treats for her friends, but Anne Cambria did pass out valentines to her classmates. She and Mary Kate got lots of goodies from the Valentines "fairy". :) I think she will be eating candy for weeks! I tried to get some cute shots of both girls, but since Mary Kate can't hold her head up yet, it was hard. Plus Miss Anne Cambria decided to be shy and wouldn't look at the camera! Oh well, candid shots seem to be cuter anyways. :)

"Really? The camera already? It's only 9am!"

being shy ;)

giving Caillou some Vday loving!

Happy Valentines! :)

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sweet sisters :)

Anne Cambria's goodies

Mary Kate's goodies

digging right in!

she was saying "cheeeeese"

Double Fisting ;)

a little exercise on the playmat



More goodies!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Listed, Sold, Moved!

I'm not sure if most of our blog followers know, but we have moved! We decided back around the Fall that we wanted in a different area of town. So, we called Jason Warren in December and we listed our house with him on January 2, 2013. I went to the hospital to have Mary Kate on January 3 and when we came home from the hospital January 5 we received a phone call from Jason that our house was SOLD. S-O-L-D! In three days, Jason sold our house. We could not believe it happened so fast! And as of February 10, we have moved to McNutt's (a house next door to the Burk's that they bought when the man passed away a few years ago). McNutt's has been a project for Gigi over the last year and thankfully it is updated enough for us to stay in until we find a new home! We are looking in the Lakeshire area, so if any of our followers know of anything coming on the market, please let us know!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mary Kate's Newborn Pictures

Jill Carter did Mary Kate's newborn session back in January. I am just now posting them because it took a while for Jill to get them to me. She has been sick lately due to baby #3 being on the way! I am so excited for her! She seems like a part of the family since we see her every 6 months for pictures and we run in to her at Ole Miss basketball games! She did an amazing job as usual and Mary Kate was quite the little model. ;) Here is Queen Mary.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mary Kate is 1 Month Old

Where did a month go? Sweet Mary Kate is 1 month old! She is a very snuggly baby. She is sleeping most of the day still. She takes anywhere from 2-3oz every 3 hours. She is a content baby. One major difference with Mary Kate is that she actually likes her car seat. She will instantly fall asleep once you have driven around for more than 5 minutes. It's amazing! I never knew a car ride with a baby could be enjoyable. ;) She is still in newborn gowns and 0-3month sleepers. Mary Kate has a few more rolls than Anne Cambria. She is so sweet and we am loving every minute with her!

being this cute is exhausting!

Happy 1 Month to Me!

Hey Miss Blue Eyes

It looks like they are already conspiring against me.....

covering up her baby sister ;)

Mary Kate is probably thinking "help!"