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Friday, September 24, 2010

Wedding Season

So, as I sit here in the hospital waiting to go on rounds, I figured I would update the blog since none of my patients this week are too interesting. Wedding season has arrived.....it is a little early this year. Normally spring time is when things get really busy, but this fall is packed with wedding festivities for Kory and Ashleigh. Plus, we are building a house and preparing for Anne Cambria's arrival. It is crazy that in less than 11 weeks, she will be here. CRAZY! Anyways, Kory and Ben's engagement party was last weekend and it was lovely! Kory looked beautiful and I had a great time. However, I am running in to a bit of a problem.....I am having to wear heels a lot to different "festivities" and my legs are starting to do the swelling thing. And I know it happens to basically every pregnant lady, but I find it disgusting. It is not my ankles that swell, its my calves (which I find weird). They look like that have a big softball inside them. So, flats have become my new BFF. I wish it was 40degrees outside so I could wear my Uggs. That would be fabulous.....but instead it's still 95degrees at the end of September so I am stuck in uncomfortable shoes. Oh well though...beauty is pain HA. The day after the engagement party we headed to Oxford for the OleMiss/Vandy game and what a disappointment ONCE AGAIN. The Rebels are just sucking it up this year. I foolishly predicted a 9-3 season at the beginning of August, and I may have been almost right, we may be 3-9 haha! Oh well though. We are not "fair weather fans". When Ed O was the head coach we had MANY, MANY crappy seasons and we bounced back. So, I am not worried....we may suck for a season or two, but the Rebels will bounce back and we will just continue to party happily (and pout a little too) in the Grove while we wait on them to get their heads back on. The next 2 weekends are filled with wedding parties AND my first baby shower is in 2 weeks! Yay! Anne Cambria should be excited. :) We are ordering her furniture Saturday finally. I do not know why I keep procrastinating on this, BUT since they are framing our house now (and at a rather speedy pace), I guess the need to have all the nursery pieces at least in our possession has set in. The cushion for her rocker has been recovered, the fabric for her bedding has been sent to the seamstress, and the fabric for her draperies has been sent off as well. So, now its just the "necessities" that we are lacking (aka bottles, pacifiers, stroller, car seat, etc etc etc etc). BUT, we are for real going to start getting stuff soon. We have planned a Saturday trip to Memphis in the next couple weeks and we will buy everything we need that we do not get at showers. So, my little Queen Anne will be taken care of. :) Anywho, I am heading to the floor to see patients (fun times), so here are some pictures from the other weekend. They are not too fabulous either considering I was 29 weeks pregnant and the puffy/fatness is definitely setting in. ha!

OleMiss/Vandy Game

Kory and Ben's Engagement Party

Natty, Kory, Melanie, Me, and Kristen

The Hubby and Me (29 weeks pregnant)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anne Cambria's Nursery

Even though we are not setting up a full nursery at the apartment for Anne Cambria, I have enjoyed picking out all the stuff for her future nursery in our new house! Her room is going to be very dainty and antique. I am not a fan of the crazy bright colored nurseries. They are super cute, but I just prefer a softer, muted nursery scheme. I still haven't decided on a paint color, but that can wait for a while. Her furniture is a linen-white color and it has an antique look to it. Here are pictures of the crib and swatches of the fabric we are using (minus the pale pink minky dots that will be used too).

the accent pattern

all the swatches (minus the pale pink minky dot)

her crib

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Fun

Johnny and I headed to New Orleans this past Friday for the Ole Miss vs Tulane game and, more importantly, my birthday! :) We had such a good time. Betsy and Paden rode down with us and we had so much fun. We started off the weekend having dinner at Commander's Palace with Johnny's parents for my birthday. It was divine! You can never go wrong eating at the original Commander's Palace.

On Saturday we woke up and had breakfast with his parents and then took a trip to a metal art place to pick out gas lanterns for our front porch. They are absolutely gorgeous. Then we walked around the Quarter for a little while and it was pretty hot so we headed back to the hotel. We met up with Paden and Betsy then headed to Bourbon House for lunch. It was delish too!

Me and Betsy then made our way to SAKs. And I was quite annoyed once we got there. Johnny and I went to Birmingham the other weekend and I was so excited to go to SAKs and buy Anne Cambria some cute stuff.....UGGs, jeans, etc. BUT, the SAKs in Bham didn't have a maternity or a children's section. So, I was thinking "surely New Orleans will, its a much bigger store". However, when we got to SAKs, the sales associate informed me that they did NOT have a maternity or children's section either.....boo! I was so mad. I don't get it?!? Oh well! Then, it was time for football! Ole Miss beat Tulane in the SuperDome. The third and fourth quarter were eerily similar to the Jacksonville State game, however, we did pull out a big "W". Sunday we headed back to Tupelo and had birthday dinner with my parents, sister, Kenny, neice, and nephew. Mary McGuire made me the cutest cake and she had a dachshund wrapped around the base of the cake. It was too cute!

And now, after being at the Family Medicine Resident Center all day......I am exhausted. I think I may have to start slowing down on the weekends!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


So, as everyone within the SEC knows, Ole Miss had an embarrassing, disgusting, inexcusable loss on Saturday against Jacksonville State. However......MSU won against Memphis. With that said, I'm sure everyone knows where this is going......the past 3 years OleMiss has had a WINNING season AND gone to TWO Cotton Bowls. What has MSU had in the past 3 years?? Nothing but patheticness. Soooo, how is it that OleMiss loses one pitiful game and MSU wins (against a pretty pathetic team might I add), and now it seems as every MSU fan in the state of MS thinks they are National Champs?? Its like beating Memphis solidified their spot at #1 for the end of November and OleMiss is just going to shut down Vaught-Hemingway and never step on the field again. I understand some cheerfullness and excitement, but come on....MSU beat Memphis...BIG DEAL! You were EXPECTED to win. It isn't like our pathetic LOSS to Jacksonville State. OleMiss fans should be running their mouths much more about how awful our loss was more than MSU fans should be "glorifying" their win against Memphis. It's just amazing how ONE weekend of football "determines" a team's fate for the rest of the year. I guess AL, USC, FL, TX, and Boise should all stay home for the rest of the year because "them good ol cowbell ringin Dawgs" are going to win the National Title after their performance against Memphis.

With all that being said, I wish people would just shut up until all is said and done in November. Whoever has the better record at the end of the season gets 9 months of bragging rights, but it is SO annoying when you log in to facebook, twitter, etc. and all you see is people talking "smack" over ONE weekend of football. OleMiss sucked it up Saturday against a team we should have killed and MSU beat a team that they SHOULD have beaten. It is not like they played Texas and upset them at home......it was freaking Memphis. Keep ringing those high class cowbells and we will keep our happy parties in the Grove and all will be in glorious football harmony until the season is over and the final records are done.