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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hotty Toddy

Saturday was Anne Cambria's first trip to the Grove. Ole Miss played Southern Illinois and we won (thank goodness). She did SO good in the Grove and was on her best behavior in the Rebel Club. Maybe Gran and Grandaddy will let us sit up there more often since we behaved so well! Anne Cambria played in the grass and pack n play when we first got there. Then we strolled because I was thinking she may fall asleep and take a nap. HA! WRONG! She was on all cylinders the entire day. Finally around 5:20, while we were sitting in the Rebel Club, she collapsed on my chest and took a nice 30minute cat nap. After the cat nap she "talked" to everyone that walked by our table and she also enjoyed standing at the glass walls and "watching" the football game. She was such a good girl the entire day and she looked precious as always decked out in her Ole Miss outfit. Hotty Toddy!

pre-game outfit

Getting ready for the Grove

I'm coming after you!

checking everything out

she was a little docile by this point from no nap ha!

cheering on the players pre-game

I can multi-task

playing with my Colonel Reb doll

First family football picture :) 

Friday, September 9, 2011

9 months old

Anne Cambria is 9 months old! I cannot believe my sweet angel is growing up so fast. She is just as happy as ever and she is into everything! She crawls everywhere! She stands without holding on to stuff and she is also taking steps while holding on to furniture. I know she is going to take off walking soon. I just can't believe it. We are completely off the bottle during the day. She takes 3-4oz of formula out of her sippy cup with each meal. I figured she would be pretty easy to get off the bottle, but I had no idea she would make the decision this soon. She will take a 4oz bottle at bedtime while we rock. That is still one of my most favorite times of the day. I LOVE to rock her. Anywho, we are introducing table food now. She isn't a huge fan of anything in particular yet, but she is definitely Miss Independent. She wants to feed herself and she gets mad if you try and feed it to her. We went for our 9m check up on September 13, and Dr. Ivancic said she is "wonderful". He was impressed with her "talking" skills. We say "baba, dada, mama, kaka, kiki, guh, nah nah nah, and yah yah yah". It is so fun to listen to her. She weighed 19lbs 15oz (75%tile) and was 28 1/2in long (70%tile). Dr. Ivancic said she was very healthy and we are so thankful. God has truly given us the best blessing ever!

Loving some Bun Bun

I am over this.....

Hmmmm, what's back here??

Time to get down

I love looking out the window

No hands! :)

I love this sweet face

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day at FUMC Baby Preschool

Anne Cambria started "Baby Preschool" at our church, First United Methodist (FUM) on September 8. It is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8a-2p. I would call it "mother's day out" except that you have to pay whether she goes or not. So I am trying to do my work schedule to where I work on T and Th. It is Anne Cambria and 7 other little babies in her room. She has her own cubby and supplies. It is so cute. She needed more interaction with babies her age, so I am thankful she gets to go to the same little room that she goes to for Sunday School. She did great her first time. When I sat her down she went straight for the toys and never looked back. However, I on the other hand, came back in the room 3 times to check on her. The teachers finally told me to "Go, and not come back". She was fine but I was a little anxious. But I left and went to work and she had the best time! Here are some pictures from her first day of Baby Preschool.

playing while Momma packs my bag for Preschool

A little Baby Einstein

happy baby!

I want to get up

get those shoes off now!

I will not sit still.....


photo session o-ver!