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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Past Week at Home

The past week Anne Cambria has really developed her own little personality. She only cries when she is hungry (which she has no patients when she is hungry...just like her Daddy). I am sure she will hit a fussy spot at some point, but so far she has been an absolute angel. Here are a few pics from the past week.

1 Week Old

Anne Cambria was 1 week last Thursday! She is truly an angel. We are totally smitten with her!

1 Week Old

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anne Cambria Burk

Anne Cambria made her grand debut at 11:40pm December 9, 2010. She weighed 7lbs 3oz and was 19in long. She has a head of blonde peach fuzz and for the time being, she has blue eyes (we'll see if they change over the next couple months). She pretty much looks just like her Daddy, but I try and claim a few features that I think she has of mine. Labor was not bad. It was just slow.....and pretty much uneventful except for a few drops in my blood pressure. Other than that, once Dr. Webb broke my water at 12:50pm, labor really began. Thank the Lord for epidurals. When we left the hospital Anne Cambria was down to 6lbs 12oz. She went for her 2day check up on Tuesday and she had gained 5oz, so she was up to 7lb 1oz. She has been a fabulous baby so far. She sleeps most of the day and feeds pretty much like clockwork, every 3 hours. I cannot express how happy we are to have her here. Everyone says "there is nothing like it", and it is so true. There really are not words to explain how you feel about your newborn and becoming a parent. Here are a few pictures from the past few days.

ready to go

she arrived
hello world!

an extremely proud Daddy

We are parents!

hanging in the Boppy at the hospital :)

Mommy time

hospital door hanger

getting ready to leave the hospital

and now there are 3

first ride in the swing

sweet, sweet baby

nap time with Daddy

Anne Cambria

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

House Progress

I have had a few people ask for pictures of Anne Cambria's nursery. Sadly, we are not setting up a full nursery at the apartment. We are planning on moving in to our new house toward mid/late January, so there is really no need in setting it all up for 6-7weeks, then taking it all down. I'd prefer her furniture to stay in boxes and not be scratched and for her bedding/curtains/pillows/etc to not have to be packed up and risk the possibility of getting dirty in the move. So, at the apartment, the Queen just has the necessities (which is a lot of stuff). Anyways, the house is coming along very quickly. The weather the past two weeks has slowed us down a little, but nothing major. The exterior of the house is completely finished now (except for exterior light fixtures and gutters). But other than that, everything else is inside work now! So it can rain, snow, or whatever, and it won't matter because it's all inside work from now on. Here are a few pictures from a few days ago.

front of the house

back side

Monday, November 29, 2010


The countdown has begun! 10 days until Anne Cambria's arrival. I still can't believe how fast 9 months has gone by, but I am so over being pregnant. People that say they "like" being pregnant are retarded. She can come any time she wants from now til December 9 and it wouldn't phase me one bit! We had a great time at the basketball game Friday night and then at the Egg Bowl Saturday (even though we didn't win, but we will not even get on that soap box). So, everything is put together, bags are packed (for the most part) and now we are just waiting........waiting.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shutterfly Give Away

Have you heard the news?? Shutterfly is offering 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers! I love the shutterfly quality and options, and have used them before to create photo gifts for family. I made my mother and mother-in-law a photo calender for Christmas one year and they loved the variety that each month had. It is so easy to upload photos to Shutterfly and the quality is great! I have used Shutterfly for the past two years for our family Christmas Cards. The first year I could not decide between two different designs so I used both but last year I only chose one design. This year I am running in to the same problem choosing which design I like the best. They always have such cute designs and this year it's going to be SO hard to decide which ones to use. There are so many choices, and many different designs depending on personal preferences. Check it out at Shutterfly!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Waiting for the Queen

So, Johnny's parents have been calling Anne Cambria "Queen Anne" when they refer to her sometimes, and I find it hilarious. She will definitely be the Queen of our household once she makes her grand debut. But, while we are waiting for her arrival, we (as in Johnny) have been putting tons of stuff together. Since we are not setting up her nursery at the apartment, we are just doing the "basics" (which definitely consist of WAY more than I thought of). Johnny has been so great with everything. I ask him to put something together, and 10 minutes later he is in the floor with his drill going at it! Here are a few snap shots of him assembling the portable crib.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Football Season

This year OleMiss has been a complete let down, BUT there is always the Holy Land....I mean The Grove. No matter how bad we suck, The Grove is always a blast. I would rather be 0-12 and have The Grove, than be 12-0 without it. Everyone was talking about how the announcers on TV for the OleMiss/Auburn game kept talking about how amazing our tailgating experience and atmosphere was and how awesome The Grove is (and I am sure that was the subject of conversation because we were getting our tails stomped by Auburn). Anyways, even being pregnant this year, The Grove has been just as much fun as always. Here are a few pictures from the Vandy/OleMiss game and the Auburn/OleMiss game. I am already excited for basketball season to start. We are suppose to be decent.....but you know how that goes when you are an OleMiss fan. Never hold your breath ha! :) But one thing that is always good at those games are the hotdogs!! Its a guilty pleasure. ha!

OleMiss/Vandy game

Auburn Game

Johnny and Me (34 weeks pregnant) at the Auburn game

Johnny and Dr. John groving

Baby Shower #2

October 17 was my second baby shower. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends to give me and Anne Cambria such a great baby shower. Natty graciously hosted the shower at her home (went is so pretty) and everything was perfect. I can't believe that I am 34 weeks pregnant and Anne Cambria will be here December 9! Wow! The last 9months have flown by. Its truly amazing how fast time flies. Here are some pictures from the shower.

some of the girls at the shower

Natty and me (Thanks for hosting the shower at your house!)

Whitney (newly engaged!!!) and me

Me and Frances

cute door hanger Haley made for Anne Cambria :)

Anne Cambria will definitely be front row at the Karrant's dance studio

adorable daygown

Kory, Frances, Melanie, Me, Natty, Kristen, and Rachael (all the hostesses)

the spread
another adorable and delicious cake by Mary McGuire Henson

More House Pictures

Here are some more pictures of the progress. The house is completely "blacked in" and they are starting to shingle and brick the house at the end of this week! YAY! Once that is done things should move a lot quicker. My Dad and his workers are doing an amazing job. I must say, we do have the best and one of the most experienced contractors in the MS. He has been in business for over 30years, and he is the best! If you are interested in a house or building a custom home or remodeling a current home, I highly recommend him. ;)

front of house

side of house and garage

second floor


birds eye view :)

front of house

side of house and garage stalls

back of the house