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Friday, August 30, 2013

Ole Miss vs Vandy

Me and the hubby took a quick trip to Nashville to see the Rebels play their season and SEC opening game! It was a quick but fun, kid free trip! :) We got to Nashville around 2:00pm and lounged around the hotel. Then we had a yummy dinner at the Tavern and headed to the stadium. The game was an emotional roller coaster but in the end Ole Miss pulled out a WIN!

Dinner at the Tavern

Hotty Toddy!

Mary Kate is Rocking and Rolling

Mary Kate is pretty much on the move now! She rolls to get just about anywhere she wants to go. I will set her down in the middle of her room with toys and go do something, and when I come back she will be all the way across the room! She is so proud of herself. Mary Kate is also getting on all fours (as of August 29th) and rocking back and forth. She isn't crawling forward yet, but she can scoot herself a few inches at a time. I actually think she can crawl backwards right now! Ha!

-Iphone quality pictures never upload well ;(

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Gymnast

We have started back gymnastics now that our summer is coming to an end. We have missed our friends at Flip Flop Gymnastics and are glad to be back! We have several of our old friends in our class and some new ones as well. Right before class we took a few pictures with our sweet, sweet friend Anne Bailey! :)

Best shot I could get

It's amazing how hard it is to get a 3yr old and a 2 1/2yr old to look at you!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mary Kate's Baptism

We had Mary Kate baptized this past Sunday, August 18. It was a very special service. All of our immediate family was there to witness Mary Kate's dedication to the Lord. She was baptized by our Pastor Jim Curtis. The music was wonderful and we could feel the presence of the Lord around our baby. I really enjoyed having Mary Kate baptized at the 11:00 service. It was a completely different experience than Anne Cambria's baptism but both services were special. After the service, we all went to my mother's house for lunch. It was a great time with our family and we are so thankful everyone was there to experience this important milestone in Mary Kate's life. We are committed to raising our girls in the way God intended!

Our Family :)

The Barrows Family

The Burk Family

All of Mary Kate and Anne Cambria's Grandparents

Waiting for the service to begin

Baby girl

The Goralczyk Family (cousins :) )

Beautiful and delicious baptism cake by Mary McGuire
My sweet girls
Photo shoot for Mary Kate :)
I loved her bonnet
She would not look at the camera but at least I got a lot of great shots of her dress ;)

Dining room table

at Granny's house

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mary Kate is 7 Months Old

Time sure is clicking right along! I cannot believe my Mary Kate is 7 months old! She is still as happy as can be and is learning new things each day! She is eating lots of table food these days. She loves mandarin oranges, banana, turkey, chicken and mozzarella cheese! With the new feeding guidelines, life is a lot easier! I love not having to worry about every morsel I stick in her mouth. Mary Kate is still taking two naps a day and sleeping through the night. She is taking two 5oz bottles and a 7oz bottle at bedtime. Mary Kate can roll in both directions and is now tolerating tummy time! She still doesn't care for it, but she will tolerate it. She has finally quit screaming when she rolls on her tummy! Mary Kate is still being swaddled, but hopefully I will get the courage to take that away soon. I just hope not swaddling her makes her sleep less! Mary Kate LOVES to stand! She will stand at the ottoman and bounce forever! I am not sure if she likes the jumperoo or standing more. It's a toss up! She isn't crawling yet, but I seem to think she may walk first. She is starting to take "mini" steps around the ottoman and when she is holding your hands. Maybe now that she likes tummy time she'll decide to crawl! :) Mary Kate is such a sweet and happy baby and we are enjoying watching her grow and learn!

Naps: 9:30am and 2:00pm
Bedtime: 8:00pm
Likes: jumperoo, standing, bath time and watching tv
Dislikes: sitting in one spot for too long, tummy time
As always, here is her 7 month photo session!

Happy 7 Months to Me!

"Get me out of here!"

She loves this puppy dog!

Tummy Time!

And she is over tummy time......

Mary Kate has found her tongue and loves sticking it out :)

"I want to walk!"