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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sew Cute

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Starting 2010 with Great Friends

Last weekend Johnny and I headed to Biloxi to hang out with friends and watch 2 of our good friends tie the knot! Margaret and Sean have dated forever, and on January 9th, they got married! :) Margaret and I were KDs together and we lived together for a year post-grad while she was in grad school for Speech Pathology and I was starting Pharmacy School. Sean is in Jackson for Law School and we can't wait to go to dinner at Walkers with them once they are back from the honeymoon. We stayed at the Beau Rivage with Ashleigh and Chris (who just got engaged!). I am so excited for them. Ashleigh and I lived together freshman year of college, were KDs together, and then lived together again senior year. Chris was actually my neighbor all throughout college. His parents and my parents bought houses right next door to each other. [I like to think that I am the reason for their relationship since they met while Ash was living with me :) ] Anyways, we had such a fun, fun weekend. Friday night we had dinner with Molly and Trey. Then we went to 875 at the Beau with them and Ash and Chris. Saturday we lounged around, went to a fabulous hole-in-the-wall place for lunch, and shopped around the Beau. Saturday night we all met up with Kristen and Cam to head to Margaret and Sean's wedding. It was a pretty ceremony and fun reception. Then we headed back to the Beau Rivage. I think we were all trying to relive our college days ha ha. Sunday was spent re-cooperating...Johnny and I are not use to staying up until 2:30! Here are some pictures from our fun weekend. Its always fun to start off the New Year right!

Ashleigh, Me, Melanie, Jessica, Kristen and Cam at Margaret's reception

The Burks in the lobby at the Beau Rivage

3 besties :)

Margaret and I at her reception

May 31st, 2008; Me and Margaret at my wedding reception :)

Johnny, Me, Kristen, Cam, Ashleigh, and Chris in the lobby of the Beau Rivage

at 875 in the Beau Rivage

dinner at Mary Mahoney's with Trey and Molly

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas and New Years Eve

Johnny and I had the BEST holiday break. I was off from school for 4 whole weeks and Johnny was off for about 2 1/2weeks. It was such a change from our normal schedule with school and work. Johnny travels ALL the time because he has the biggest territory ever. 4 states.....yes, F-O-U-R States. And I am so busy with school it is crazy. BUT, the official countdown has begun for us to move back to Tupelo (or Oxford if our house is still for sale).

We had a wonderful Christmas. We always do Christmas Eve at my family's and Christmas day at Johnny's parent's. It was a great time. My nephew Thomas is hysterical. He can talk and he calls me "Chanel", not Chanel like the perfume/designer, he pronounces the "Ch" like it sounds in "ch"-ipmunk. And I love it. He is the cutest thing ever. Anyways, We went to New Orleans for New Years Eve. We had rooms booked for the Cotton Bowl up until the last minute and decided we'd rather watch the game on TV (and after what a wreck that game was, I'm glad we didn't go). New Years Eve was so much fun. We had a wonderful dinner with Hardie, Lacy, Paden and Betsy. Hardie and Lacy are getting married March 20th and we cannot wait! It'll be such a fun wedding and we LOVE going to visit our favorite New Orleans couple.

Now, its back to reality. Johnny is on his usual overnights and I am back to my procrastinating.....I should be finishing my treatment plan on schizophrenia, but instead, I thought it was appropriate to blog and facebook and tweet. ha! Ohh well, 4 months from today we will be all packed up and headed to Tupelo. Praise the Lord!

Me and Thomas on Christmas Eve

Me and the hubby on Christmas Eve

our Christmas tree in Jackson

dinner at Irenes on NYE

Lobby of the Roosevelt before dinner NYE

lobby of the Roosevelt (our hotel on NYE)