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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Double Decker

This past weekend was Double Decker and it was such a great time. We had lots of house guests and we were on the go all weekend. Friday night we had dinner and then hung out on the Square all night. I love running in to old friends from undergrad that I haven't seen in a while. On Saturday we headed to the Square and ate lunch. Then Kory, Rachael, and I shopped around and looked at all the vendors while Johnny and Jacob went to the baseball game. After shopping Rachael and I headed to the baseball game. After the game we had a great dinner and then listened to good music before heading in for the night. Now it is back to the real world of work for Johnny and school for me. But only, 8 DAYS LEFT of school. I am excited and anxious at the same time. It may be only 8 days until graduation, but there are 7 finals headed my way!! Eeeek!

Kristen and I at the Rib Cage

Johnny and I

Rachael and me

Melanie, Me and Rachael

Melanie, Ashleigh and Me

Johnny and I at the baseball game

Johnny and I at Proud Larry's

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

So it has been a busy past couple of weeks. We've had my sister's shower, our nephew's birthday party, Easter lunch Saturday at the Burk's, Easter lunch Sunday at my parent's house, Johnny has been in Arkansas, I have had tests, tests and test, and yesterday my niece, Lyla Claire, was born! She was born around 5:45pm and weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 19inches long. She is perfect. She looks a lot like Thomas did, but they change so quickly by Friday when I see her she'll probably look totally different. It is only Tuesday and it seems like Friday. I had a test today and one on Thursday. I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER. I plan on doing a bunch of nothing all day, everyday. It's going to be great. But until then, I am looking forward to the Red/Blue Spring game this weekend. And next weekend is Double Decker and we are going to have a house full of guests! :) Fun times!
Here are some pictures of the past few weekends!

Lyla Claire and me

Ashley and Lyla Claire right after delivery

Lyla Claire right after being born

after dinner at Boure and hanging out at Roosters

Easter Sunday

At Thomas' birthday party

Thomas on the slide at his birthday party