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Saturday, December 27, 2008

New York City and Flight Cancellations

After a long, exhausting semester of Pharmacy school, my wonderful husband took me on a much needed get-away to NYC. We had a blast! We visited Rockefeller Plaza, NBC studios, Central Park, Ground Zero, 5th Avenue, SAKs (my favorite spot), Radio City Music Hall, Broadway, and many other touristy spots. The food was amazing and I HIGHLY recommend Bobby Van's if anyone is headed to NYC anytime soon. And we were lucky enough to get two days of snow while in New York and it was absolutely gorgeous. Finally, after 5 wonderful days in New York, we packed our bags and headed to the LGA to board our plane......however, when we got to the self-checkin we were informed that our flight had been CANCELED, not re-scheduled, but CANCELED. As we searched for a flight....ANY flight headed to Memphis...we found out that the earliest flight headed to Memphis from LGA was leaving TUESDAY, which would have meant Johnny and I spending 2 days in the airport. So, as we begged the the Northwest attendant to find us a flight....she found a flight headed to Indianapolis...we would then spend the night there and fly to Memphis at 8:00am the next morning. Although we were not excited about flying to Indianapolis and enduring the BELOW ZERO weather, we were happy to get home Monday morning as opposed to Tuesday afternoon. And I must say that below zero temperatures are frigid and I have no desire to experience them again!

The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall

before the Rockette show started

After dinner at Bobby Van's

leaving the Hilton headed to LGA

at Central Park

After seeing the Broadway show Wicked

at Rockefeller Plaza

somewhere in Central Park

Times Square

at dinner our first night in NYC

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some Picture Updates....

Last time I posted my computer was acting funny and I couldn't upload any pictures....so I thought I'd take a study break and put some up! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season!

Final score to the Ole Miss/LSU game...Hotty Toddy!

Johnny and me in Death Valley!
Out on Bourban Street with Ben and Kory!
In New Orleans, somewhere on Bourban Street!
Johnny and me at the first home basketball game!

Monday, December 1, 2008

November Came and Went!

So, it is already December 1st and I cannot believe that November flew by so quickly! Between home football games, Johnny's birthday, a test block, and a fun filled weekend in New Orleans/Baton Rouge, it was all a big blur. We had a great time celebrating Johnny's birthday having dinner at Boure and going to the first Ole Miss basketball game of the season with his parents. Two weekends later we headed to the Bayou with Kory and Ben to visit Hardie and Lacy! We had a blast on Bourbon Street Friday night and enjoyed a butt kicking on Saturday...HOTTY TODDY! Well finals start this Friday, and I finish on December 12th....so I am headed to study. I will post some pictures later on in the week. I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day! Happy Holidays!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Life has been Busy!

It has been almost a month since I last updated our blog. We have been so, so busy lately! From football games, to the Grove, to weekend trips to Memphis, and studying all the time, I have not had a chance to do any updating. School has been crazy lately and I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving and Christmas break! But at least the weekends have been a blast. Hardie and Lacy came in town for the Ole Miss v Auburn game, and we loved having them as house guests! The four of us went to dinner with Kory and Ben at Prime Friday night, and we spent all day in the Grove celebrating the big win after the game. The Grove was packed and it was so nice to catch up with all of our closest friends! Well, that is about all for now. I am headed back to studying!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Loving the Weekends

So I have been behind on keeping our blog up-to-date....but I actually have a minute to breathe from school, so I decided to update everyone! The weekend of Sept. 26-28th we spent the entire weekend at PickWick for Natty Thomas' and Bryan Ellis' wedding weekend. The weather was perfect and everything was fabulous! We had the best time! The following week Johnny left for Arkansas and I had two big tests....so lets just say it was a hectic week. By Thursday all I wanted was to take a nap! And this past weekend we had a blast hanging out with our friends at Phillips Grocery friday night and then Groving ALL day long Saturday. It has been perfect Grove weather and it was such a nice change from the excessive heat at all the other home games. Although Ole Miss lost to S.Carolina, we still had a blast in the Grove. I'm looking forward to this week since I do not have any tests....I plan on doing some much needed organizing and resting!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally Friday!

I am so thankful its finally Friday! It has been a long week...two quizzes, a test, and a project....I am in need of some sleep! But I do not see that happening any time soon, especially with a home football game, a test Monday and a test on Wednesday. Nope, around our house test = NO SLEEP unfortunately! And Johnny is leaving Sunday for Albuquerque, NM and won't be home until Thursday so maybe I'll be productive while he is gone. :) Last weekend we celebrated my 24th birthday on Friday night with friends at Boure and on Sunday we had a birthday dinner with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. Oh, and I cannot forget our Grove Birthday celebration as well ha ha! Here are a few pictures from the weekend as well!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Already ready for the Weekend!

We had such a great weekend....even though it didn't involve the Grove. Friday night we checked out the Rooster with Ben and Kory. It was great! We had to wait 45 minutes for a table, so we hung out on the balcony upstairs and had a few drinks, then we finally got a table and had dinner. It was great! We stayed there to check out the band they had upstairs...but we got stir crazy, so we headed over to the Burgandy Room. The square was SO nice since there weren't 10 million people everywhere like last weekend. Saturday I went to Tupelo to run errands, while Johnny stayed on the couch all day and watched football...and as usual, the Rebels broke his heart. Lets just hope there isn't a repeat of last year.
And today, well after going to church we ate lunch, hung out, and then I fretfully headed to the library for 3 hours to study some fun, fun pharmacology. I have my first test of the semester on Friday (my BIRTHDAY)...what a nice present from my professor ha!
This is why I am ready for the weekend ALREADY...my birthday is Friday, and we have rented the room at Boure for us and about 18 friends to celebrate! And then, we're gonna have a "birthday party" in the Grove on Saturday (with hopefully NO rain). Oh, and I am also pumped that the Jones (Rach and Jacob) are coming to stay ALL weekend long! It is going to be a FUN and BUSY weekend...and schoolwork is just not going to help pass the week quickly...And to top it off, Johnny is going to be in Arkansas all week for work. :( It will just be Me, Woody, Missy, Max, and my books all week long. Oh well, absence makes the heart grow fonder. :) Ok, well I am going back to the pharmacology book!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hotty Toddy

This past weekend was such a blast. We had our first house guest, first cookout, and first tent in the Grove this year....and things couldn't have been any better. Saturday was slightly hot, but it was still a wonderful time! Johnny loved watching the game on the 50 yard line.....I on the other hand wanted to be in the air conditioning ha ha. Sunday, we had surprise refugees from New Orleans pop in a for a long visit, and it was SO nice catching up with Hardie and Lacy. And today, well, we have been couch-potatoes all day long. Now that we are well rested, I can hit the books once again.

Monday, August 25, 2008

School and the Grove

So school started back today, and the campus is buzzing! I didn't realize how peaceful Oxford is during the summer until all the students come back to campus in the fall. It was such a beautiful day today though (for the most part), even though it was a long day of classes. It was the first day back to Pharmacy School since May, and I am definitely having an adjustment. For the first time since the wedding, I had to wake up before Johnny did! It was not fun. But, it was kinda fun with both of us being up that early in the morning together. We cannot wait for the weekend! The first Ole Miss home game and Grove day....Hotty Toddy!!! Our 50 yard line tickets are screaming our name! Hopefully the week will speed on by and the weekend of fun times will arrive! Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Weekend Gone

Well, I am now well rested from a long weekend at the Beau Rivage for Natty's bachelorette weekend. We had a blast...but I didn't realize how big the Beau really was. I hate to say, I did not gamble any money....I was too big of a chicken. But I still had a great time. While I was in Biloxi at the Beau, Johnny went to Greenwood to visit the new duck camp his dad just bought for him. I haven't been to see it yet...I told him to drop me off at the Alluvian for a nice spa treatment and to just pick me up on his way home ha! Oh well, I think duck camp is for "guys" anyways. I start school next Monday and I am not happy about it. I plan on being very worthless for the rest of the week (like I haven't been all summer ha ha!). Well, the next time I blog, I'll probably be a busy bee studying my life away until May...but hey, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our First Weekend to Ourselves

So we had our first weekend to just be at home, have fun, and not be traveling, and it was so nice! For once this summer I feel like we aren't living out of a suitcase! I do not have much planned this week, I'll probably just be lazy and enjoy not being back in school....yet! But no worries, I'm sure I'll get bored and get on here and post something. So just check back! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Post

Well we are new to the world of blog posting, but hopefully we'll catch on soon. Johnny has been out of town all week on business so I have been keeping myself busy trying to figure this whole thing out! Its going pretty good so far.....but I'll keep updating.