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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sandestin 2012, June 16-23

We had such a fun beach trip this year! We loaded up June 16 and headed for Sandestin, FL. We stayed from Saturday to Sunday in a 1 bedroom condo at Beach Side I on the Sandestin Resort property. Anne Cambria was much more independent (and opinionated) this year. She did really well in restaurants and tolerated the car seat. She enjoyed playing in the ocean, but really loved the pool. The sand ended up irritating her. She does not like to have stuff on her hands and every time it stuck to them, she wanted it off immediately. It didn't bother me one bit to not be on the beach a lot because I prefer the pool too. :) We had such a nice week and can't wait for our trip next year with TWO precious girls!

of course I should play on the bellcart

it was SUPER windy the first three days

loving the ocean :)

Happy Father's Day! Headed to Louisiana Lagniappe to celebrate!

Let's get in!

enjoying a snack :)

loving her pool being beachside ;)

Who wanted to touch ALL the buttons in the elevator? That'd Queen Anne!

This is the expression I got when I said "say cheese!" ha!

My sweet baby

You can tell she had other things on her mind that a picture

helping Daddy

snoozing :)


Out and about in Baytowne

listening to music

Went to visit Gigi and Grandaddy at the Hilton one day

Our one and only picture together :)

Eating dinner at Stinky's Fish Camp

I love the pool!

Loving the kiddy pool

Enjoying some chocolate after eating (and showing out) at Marina Cafe

Giving Gigi some love


Not so sure about the sand

Daddy playing defense.....

All good trips must come to an end.