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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sneak peak of Lately

Anne Cambria and Molly (they both look just like their dads! ha!)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Card

This year we sent out an Easter card because I found these precious bunny ears at Hobby Lobby and I thought Anne Cambria looked so cute in them. I only sent them to family because I only ordered like 10 through Walgreens and it was kinda spur of the moment. Here is our photo shoot. It is SO, SO hard to get pictures of Anne Cambria now that she is completely mobile and wants to make her own decisions. The days of propping her or standing her next to something are o-v-e-r. They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! :)

tried to get some in front of the front doors....

she has places to go and explore

watching Max roll around....

my sweet baby :)

pointing at an airplane

laughing at Max

ok, I'm done.

I'll just let myself down

photo session over


let's try the front doors again....

nope, I'm over it.

Easter Sunday

We had a very busy Easter this year. Normally we do Johnny's family's Easter on Saturday, but this year we had it on Sunday. So we had two Easter lunches to attend! We went church and had a wonderful service and Sunday school lesson at FUM, then we headed to Granny and Big Daddy's for our first Easter lunch at 11:30. We had some delicious food and Anne Cambria enjoyed spending some time with her cousins. It gets crazy and LOUD when all 4 grandkids are together. It'll be interesting to see how much louder it gets when Anne Cambria has a sibling one day! Anyways, after a couple hours at the Barrows' house, we headed to the Burk's house for Easter lunch #2 at 1:45. Uncle Dace was in town so we got to enjoy some time with him too! Anne Cambria is so lucky to have all 4 of her grandparents in her life. She even has a great-Granny but she wasn't feeling up to the drive so she stayed at home in Kosciusko this year. We hope to see her soon! Here are some pictures from our two Easter lunches! :)

The Easter Bunny came!

giving Mama some love :)

digging through her goodies

she loved popping the eggs open

we LOVE our new shopping cart

snapping a group pic with the cousins

this one is hilarious!! HA!

Daddy and Anne Cambria

Mama and Anne Cambria

Lyla Claire hovers like a little mother hen over her chicks ha!

The Burks with Granny and Big Daddy

We love Granny and Big Daddy!

The Burk family :)

loving on Grandaddy

we love having Uncle Dace in town

one last family Easter picture (you can tell by Anne Cambria's face she was over it ha)

busy, busy girl

catch me if you can!

we love climbing steps right now

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just Because....

I am so darn cute! :)