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Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Skiing

Johnny and I randomly decided that we "deserved" a vacation for all the hard work we had put in this year. So, as we were driving to Oxford for the Ole Miss/LSU game, we booked a trip to Vail. We spent 5 days in Vail snow skiing and we had such a great time. We slept in each day, skied for 5 hours, ate cookies and drank hot chocolate, went to dinner and watched movies. It was the most relaxing trip we have taken in a while. Here are some pictures from our fun and relaxing trip!

arriving in Vail (at a tiny airport)

the view from our balcony

in Vail Village

on top of the mountain

my motto for the week was "slow and steady wins the race AND you don't break bones".

Johnny was a bit more skilled than me. He even did black diamonds, although I did conquer a blue. :)

freezing on the lift

Johnny on the lift

on the gondola headed to the top of the mountain

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Cheer

Well, I started off Christmas break hosting a Christmas Shower for my bff, Kristen Turner. She is getting married April 17th and it is about time! ;) I am so excited for her. Marriage is absolutely amazing, and I know her and Tyler will love every minute of it. We had her shower at my sister Ashley's house. I didn't figure everyone would enjoy driving to Jackson (considering I am the ONLY 1 of our friends living here ha). Its going to be a short post b/c I am packing for VAIL! WAHOO! I can't wait to get there! Happy Holidays!

Kristen opening gifts

3 down, 2 more to go (to get hitched!)

me and the bride-to-be

all the ladies at the shower

the "spread" at the shower

Monday, December 7, 2009


I completely forgot to mention.....I passed Block II. 2 blocks down, 2 more to go and we can get out of this miserable town. Hopefully our house in Oxford will sale this spring and we can move back to Tupelo in May! That is the game plan. :)

Snow in Jackson

Last Thursday my parents came down for a visit, to bring Missy and to bring our Christmas tree from Oxford so we could decorate it. While they were down here we joked that the "weather man" was calling for snow Friday night. We always joke to run out and get your "bread and gallon of milk". It seems like at the least "hint" of snow, people head to Wal-Mart and get the essentials. Like we will get 10 feet or something. Anyways, Johnny and I ate Mexican Friday night and then went to see The Blind side. Before the movie it was freezing, and when we came out, there was a blanket (a very thin blanket) of snow. And it was coming down hard too. I was like a kid in a candy store. Johnny kept making fun of me, but I was just so excited. It makes it really feel like winter. And, I told him it was preparing me for Vail next week ha! Even though in Vail it is like 5 degrees and 10ft of snow! Anywho, I had a blast watching it snow. However, when we woke up at 9:00am Saturday morning, 90% of the snow had already melted away. Sad! BUT, it still put me in the Christmas spirit. The house is decorated and tomorrow will be spent buying Christmas gifts. I LOVE this time of year.

My new Christmas "swag"...I'm quite obsessed :)

loving the snow

our temporary house on the hill