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Friday, December 30, 2011

December Fun

This year I think I went a little overboard with Christmas themed outfits for Anne Cambria. I bought a couple on Zulily that were a great price back in the summer. Well of course when fall rolls around I start seeing all of these other super cute outfits and I buy a couple of those too! Needless to say, we had way too many Christmas themed bubbles/dresses. I should have bought more "snowmen" themed ones so she could wear them in January and February. Oh well. Hindsight is always 20/20. Anyways, I just thought I'd post pictures of fun we had during December modeling all of our Christmas outfits. :) Enjoy!

she loves to stand and scratch the brick wall in our living room

always so happy!

she has discovered our stairs......

touch the tree or not touch the tree???

ready to go see Santa at the mall

she is Johnny's twin....looks just like him, acts just like him :)

So glad I bought shatter proof ornaments this year ;)

who couldn't love this little face???

of course she is obsessed with the fireplace

sharing her cookie with Santa

my angel

she loves the chair that we got for her birthday

just lounging around

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Anne Cambria woke up Christmas morning to find that Santa had stopped at our house! He was very good to her this year because she has been such a wonderful little baby. Santa brought her several outside toys for Springtime and LOTS of books. He knew that Anne Cambria loves books so he brought extra! Granny & Big Daddy and Gran & Grandaddy came over Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought. We showed them all of our new toys! Then we headed to Gran and Grandaddy's for Christmas Day lunch. We ate, played and then opened gifts! We got a lot more fun toys at their house too! Around 3pm we headed home and got ready for nap time. After our nap was over we played with our new toys all night. It was such a wonderful and relaxing Christmas.

Santa came!

Get me out of this crib and to the loot!

Books, books, books!

styling in the Cozy Coupe!

her princess chariot rocker :)

looking at my new book and matching pjs

showing off my new Uggs and purse

ready for Spring so I can ride my new tricycle

this mat was a last minute gift, and she LOVES it. Its a "nap mat" and she lays on it while she reads

lunch at Gran and Grandaddy's

her favorite book

we LOVE our red wagon

another rocking horse

Merry Christmas

Grandaddy and Gran

Christmas Eve 2011

We had a great Christmas eve. Anne Cambria attended her first candlelight service. We always go with my sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephews, Mom and Dad to Harrisburg's candlelight service. Anne Cambria did SO good. She didn't "talk" or cry the whole service. It only lasts about 40 minutes, but still that is a LONG time for a 12m old to sit still and not squeal/scream/cry. Then we headed to my sister's house for Christmas eve dinner. Anne Cambria loves playing with her cousin Lyla Claire. It's funny to watch them interact because you can tell Lyla Claire definitely thinks she is in charge. ha! We opened a few gifts from Granny and Big Daddy and the Goralczyk's. We got some really fun toys! Then we headed home so we could get Anne Cambria to bed so Santa would stop at our house!
Family Photo on Christmas Eve

I love those little curls :)

It's hard to get 4 kids under the age of 5 to sit still

The grown-ups gave up ;)

Anne Cambria's loot from The Goralczyk's and Granny & Big Daddy

Big Daddy and Granny

Looking for Santa Claus

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Queen's Royal Celebration

The theme for Anne Cambria's first birthday party was "A Royal Celebration for Queen Anne". Everyone close to us knows that the Burks (and most of my friends) refer to her as Queen Anne (and rightfully so). So, it was only fitting to have a Queen themed birthday party. We started the celebration on that Friday, December 9 (which was her actual birthday). The birthday Queen had pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. We had lunch with Granny at our favorite place, Chick-fila. Then we had all three cousins, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Ashley, Granny, Big Daddy, Uncle Dace, Gran and Grandaddy over for dinner and smash cake #1 Friday night. We had a great time! Anne Cambria was not too impressed with the cake. She was sort of a "diva" about it. She poked one finger in and tasted it. Then she grabbed a hunk and ate some of it, but she never "smashed" it. She just kinda looked at it like "this is sticky and I do not like it". So I figured she would do better with smash cake #2 at her actual birthday party the next morning. After we did the smash cake #1, we opened a few presents. She was still mainly interested in the ribbon and wrapping paper, but that was fine. It was her birthday and she could do whatever she wanted. :) 
On Saturday, we had the royal celebration. Both sides of the family plus 8-10 other kids/babies and their parents came over at 11:30 to celebrate with Anne Cambria. It was freezing cold that day (I think the high was 42 degrees). So we put a couple heaters in the garage and had the doors closed and the kids just played in the garage. It was way too cold to be out in the yard or in the driveway. It ended up being perfect. We sang Happy Birthday to the Queen and then we had round #2 of smash cake. And we basically had the same result. She wasn't too interested and she was basically a "diva" that did not want to get dirty or sticky. No smashing was ever done. I also tried to give her a cupcake and a cookie, and she didn't want that either. I think she is just not a big "sweet" eater right now. We all ate lunch and had cake/cupcakes/cookies and enjoyed the party. After everyone left we opened gifts! She got some super cute things. Johnny and I got her a "pottery barn" chair (although we didn't get it from Pottery Barn) and a "car" for outside. We had the chair made at Premier Prints because #1, I wanted the fabric to be the same as the fabric in her nursery, and #2 Pottery Barn will only let you put 10 letters on the chair, and Anne Cambria is 11 letters. So, Premier Prints made our chair and I must brag on them because it is MUCH cuter than the Pottery Barn option that I almost went with. So after a two day celebration, the Queen was exhausted. She slept from 2:45-6 Saturday night! :) I hope when Anne Cambria looks back she will love her First Birthday party as much as I did.
Birthday Invites

birthday pjs and birthday crown

such a fun day today :)

flash is too bright!

where are my pancakes and eggs?????

patience is wearing thin


family birthday dinner

Smash Cake #1


first present

this tissue paper is way more fun

a new teddy!

It's the big day!

Birthday cake, smash cake #2, and cupcakes
napkins I had made...."A" for Anne Cambria and crowns for the Queen

different flavored cupcakes with crowns and "As" on them
reading with Gran

Loved her party dress

Birthday love for Granny

and more love for Momma Paula

Mary Frances and our BFF Molly

Aunt Mel

Lyla Claire and Anne Cambria

The Burks

Uncle Dace

The Barrows

Add caption

singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Queen

blow out the candle!

all smiles :)

smash cake #2

pink and blue crown cookie party favors for all of our little friends :)