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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Summer Time

The last few weeks have been so relaxing. We went Destin for our Anniversary for 4 days and then we went again last week for a week. I have enjoyed my time off from school, but starting next Tuesday it's time to start rotations. My first rotation is at Walgreens. I am not planning on doing community pharmacy, but I am not completely ruling it out. Right now my sights are set on NMMC. I have 6 rotations there and I can't wait! I love all the people there and it is always a lot of fun being on rotation there (especially since I know most of them). Jim Bain's Pharmacy is my second rotation and I will love it! I always love being with Mr. Jim. He is such a trip! I hate for my leisure time to end, however, the sooner I get these rotations over with, the sooner I start getting a fat pay check ha! So, Johnny is excited the end is in sight as well. We are hoping to start on our new house in the next few weeks as well. So, with rotations, building a house, AND a baby on the way.....the next few months should be quite interesting. Keep us in your prayers! :)

In baby news, our last appointment 3 weeks ago went great. Heartbeat sounded good....it was between 160-165bpm (so 99% of people are saying that it's a boy; the chinese calender also says its a boy; and my mom says it's a boy as well and she guessed both my nephew & niece right). But, we will see who's right on July 13. We can't wait! :)

And pictures from the last like THREE months will be posted soon.....I have to clean off some of my iTunes downloads because my memory is getting extremely low!