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Monday, November 28, 2011

Around the House

Since Anne Cambria is walking now, we no longer just stay in her playroom during the day. She walks from the playroom to the foyer, to the living room, then to her favorite place...the kitchen! She tries to open every single cabinet that she can reach. She has recently become obsessed with two drawers that have all of her baby stuff in them. I let her play in those drawers because everything is baby safe. Here is a peak at what all she gets in to!

gotta love an easy access cabinet

what's in this little refrigerator??

she has discovered our stairs.....

always so happy

get out of my way!

Yay for walking!

my drawers!

what all is in there today???

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I am such a slacker for just now posting Thanksgiving, but things have been super busy at the Burk household lately! We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving. This was Anne Cambria's first Thanksgiving. She had such a busy day. We started at the Burks around 10:30 am with Gran and Grandaddy, Uncle Dace, Great Granny, lots of Aunts and Uncles and cousins and stayed we there until 2:00! We then headed home for a much needed nap time. We went to Granny and Big Daddy's around 5:00 and stayed until 8:30. The Goralczyk clan was with us and Lyla Claire and Anne Cambria enjoyed playing together as usual. I think Lyla Claire thinks she is her "babysitter" ha! Needless to say when we got home bath time was less than 10 minutes and this little Queen slept like a rock! Here are a few pictures from Anne Cambria's first Thanksgiving! :)

Gobble Gobble

Playing in her favorite drawer

always has a book in her hand lately

her new favorite "trick"

reading to Daddy

now reading with Gran

gotta love a family photo :)

Once again, her new "trick"

wardrobe change for Granny and Big Daddy's

pretty good attempt at a picture of all the Grandkids

Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Pumpkin Head

Gran made the cutest pumpkin hat for Anne Cambria. It matches so well with all of her fall pumpkin themed outfits. She actually wears it too!

gotta love playing with some cords

you can't have them Daddy....

tug-o-war with Daddy for the cords...

uh oh, Daddy won.

Let me out!

little weiner dogs move too quick!

just watching
I'll just get in here then.....


precious baby

come here Missy....

pumpkin head

I love that profile

have to have a nice taste of grass!

Daddy's girl

11 months old

Anne Cambria is 11 months old. I am a little late posting this, but we have been super busy lately. Plus, with Anne Cambria walking EVERYWHERE now, she is in to everything. Her favorite things to get in to right now are drawers, cabinets, and closets. She looks so cute when she is walking but it breaks my heart she is so big already. She is so over snuggling. All she wants to do is get down and walk. She walks from room to room just talking and laughing. We of course had our monthly photo session. But I don't' know how many good pictures I got because she would absolutely NOT sit still. The countdown to the one year mark is on! I am going to be honest, I will probably not handle this milestone well. I may need to be medicated. I love the stage Anne Cambria is in right now and I would love to have a pause button. 

Naps: 2 a day
morning nap: 9:30 (1.5hrs)
afternoon nap: 2:30 (2.5-3hrs)
Bath time: 8:15ish
Bedtime: 8:45
Sleeps from 8:45pm-7:30am (sometimes earlier, sometimes later)
Favorite foods: broccoli and cheese, pizza, Abner's grilled chicken tenders (she won't eat the fried ones), turkey, and apples
Words: momma, dada, baby

on the move

I do not want to be up here

so I will slide down

off to something more fun.....

which drawer shall I open??

2 at a time!

lets pull all of my summer hats out

back with Bun Bun

so not paying attention to the camera

loving on Bun Bun

give me that camera!

sweet baby

dumped the toy basket over