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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anne Bailey's First Birthday Party

We had Anne Bailey's birthday party a few weekends ago and Anne Cambria had so much fun. It was super cute and Anne Bailey seemed to have a wonderful time. Angelia did such a great job planning it all. Everything was fabulous!
headed to the birthday party

sitting next to Uncle Brian

deciding if she wants to play with the other babies

this pic is kinda fuzzy :(

"Does your hand taste like my hand??"

Happy 1st birthday Anne Bailey!


Anne Cambria is SO busy these days. She is constantly pulling up now. She is pulling up on everything! Now she will pull up, let go, and balance for about 5-10seconds. And then she gently sits herself back down. It is so funny. It's like "I am not going to hurt my tush" ha. Also, we installed a tension baby gate in the doorway from her hallway in to the living room because we do not want her crawling in to the living room without us knowing because of our brick fireplace hearth. She would definitely hurt/cut herself on that. And she does NOT like the gate. She goes up to it and stands there and shakes it and gabbers. I bet she is saying "let me out". Anne Cambria is also now obsessed with the window in her playroom. She stands at it and hits it and gabbers. She LOVES to watch Johnny mow and Max run around. It is too cute. I am so thankful she is a happy baby. She brings so much joy to our lives. We love you Anne Cambria! :)
there is Daddy!

she loves to watch Johnny mow the yard :)

let me out of here!!!


jail bird
you just thought I was sleeping ;)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy with my Head in a Book

So I haven't posted in almost a month and that is pretty bad for me. I normally at least get one post in a week. Well, I have been studying for my boards. 1 test is a national "drug question" type test and the other is a federal/state law exam. I am proud to say that I took the NAPLEX last Wednesday and found out today that I passed! Wahoo! It was super hard, and I just knew that I didn't do well, but I found out today that I passed. It is like 1,000lbs has been lifted off my shoulders. I had been studying for about 2 straight weeks and it feels SO good to have it past me. Now for my law test next Monday.....just gotta conquer it too. Hopefully it won't be as bad. And these two little boogers are why I haven't updated our blog in weeks. I have LOTS of pictures to add and stories of my precious Anne Cambria to tell, but no time today! I am studying while she is napping so I can do well on the MPJE Monday! Pictures and stories to come next week! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8 months old

My sweet angel is 8 months old today! She is still the most content and happy baby. Anne Cambria is so busy these days. She is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. She has 4 teeth too! She is developing the cutest personality......she may be a slight diva. She is very brave and Gran says we may have a "Johnette" on our hands. Lets hope for our sanity that we don't ;). It is so hard to get pictures of her now because she is constantly on the move. But never fear, the photo-queen forced her to cooperate ha! Here is our Queen at 8months. 

she is always standing up in her crib

still loves Bun Bun


won't sit still

the floor might be safer.....

look at Momma!

I want down, now!

yep, 2 pacies :)