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Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have been saying for weeks that I am going to upload pictures from the past 3 months (its now probably the past 5 months), but I have just been so lazy lately. By the time I have worked at Walgreens, come home and fixed dinner (or brought home dinner), I am sleeeeeeepy. And I just want to watch TV and relax, and I just keep procrastinating. But on to baby news, princess Burk is doing well. We got our "triple screen" results and everything was great. I think for my age the relative risk for the conditions it tested for was like 1 out of 980, and my actual relative risk was 1 out of 10,000....PTL. Such a blessing. :) As for names go, Johnny really loves the name "Ella". I like it a lot too, and we pretty much refer to her by Ella right now. Her full name would be Ella Cambria Burk. I think it flows well. And I actually like "Ella" or "Ella Cambria". It could be a double name or just Ella. Who knows.....we are still aren't 100% positive. What do you readers out there think??
And I am for real going to upload photos sometime soon. ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boy or Girl?!?!?!

Its a................GIRL! We found out late Tuesday afternoon that baby Burk is going to be a little princess. She will have Johnny wrapped around her little finger. He has a hard enough time telling me "no", much less his baby girl. :) It should be interesting to see how Johnny is with her. We haven't decided on a name yet. We are toying with the name "Ann Cambria". Cambria is after his sister that died when she was 3 days old. And Ann is on both sides of our family. Nothing is set in stone (or monogram yet ha). We are also thinking "Demi" which was my great grandmother's name, and we had also looked at Annie, which is also a family name on both sides. We are just going to play around with some names for a few more weeks and see what sticks. :) Also, the sonogram looked great. Her kidneys, bladder, stomach, heart (all 4 chambers), spine and head all looked normal. Praise the Lord! Such a blessing. We cannot wait to meet her. She will definitely rule the house, princess crown and all!