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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Amy and Field's Wedding Weekend

Two of our good friends tied the knot in Seaside/Grayton Beach this past weekend. We headed down on Thursday and we were child free!! It was so fun for us to get away for a long weekend. Johnny and I were like kids heading to Disney World ha! We stayed at the Hilton in Sandestin and it was only a 10-15minute drive to all the festivities. When we got there Thursday we laid by the pool for a couple hours and then got ready for the Bonfire and Bar-be-que on the beach in honor of the bride and groom. It was so fun and such a neat idea! Friday was spent laying by the pool, walking on the beach and having some yum fruity drinks. :) Friday night we went to eat at Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse and it was divine! Saturday it rained, so we headed to the outlet malls. I actually found some really great deals at Saks off 5th. Saturday night we went to the wedding and reception. They had a great turn out and it was beautiful. Sunday we loaded up and headed back to Tupelo. By Saturday I had begun to miss my babies. ;) A big Thanks to Gigi and Granny for keeping the babies so we could have a little "down" time!

Beaching it with the hubby

Dinner w/the hubby at Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mary Kate loves Spaghetti!

Mary Kate tried spaghetti for the first time on September 22, 2013 and she LOVED it! She has done really well trying different table foods so I thought this would be a good dish for her. She was grabbing it by the handful! Anne Cambria kept saying "she likes it! uh oh, she's making a mess!" HA! Gotta love my OCD/clean-freak 2 1/2yr old. :) Here is my baby girl enjoying her first meal of spaghetti!

Digging right in

yum yum!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Anne Cambria's First Day of Ballet

We started taking ballet at North MS Dance Center this year! Our "Aunt Frances" is our teacher and we are so excited to be a ballerina! Of course we had to go to the Corner Shoe Store and get fitted for our first pair of ballet slippers and get a couple of new leotards. And as usual, Anne Cambria conned me in to getting her a sucker. :) Here is my sweet angel before her first ballet class on September 5, 2013.

- Please excuse the poor picture quality. It is from my Iphone!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Mary Kate is 8 months old

Time is flying! First I cannot believe that it is already September and much less that my sweet baby girl is 8 months old! She is still such a happy girl! She is doing well with table food even though we still don't have any teeth. I can see a few are right at the top of her gums, but none have broken through just yet. Mary Kate is trying her best to crawl, but she still prefers standing more than anything. She can crawl backwards and she rolls everywhere, but she hasn't mastered forward crawling yet. She can go from lying on her stomach to sitting up and vice versa. Mary Kate has mastered the sippy cup. She had that milestone down way quicker than Anne Cambria! She loves food and drink! It must be the italian in her blood ha! Anyways, she is still quite a chunk, but we are mainly still in 6 month clothing. 6 Month footed sleepers are getting a bit snug, but pretty much everything else fits. So here is a recap:

Naps: 2

Bottles: 3
9:30am, 4:00pm and 8:00pm

Bathtime/Bedtime: 7:30pm and 8:00pm

Table Food: banana, mandarin oranges, grilled chicken, lima beans, green beans, yogurt, mozzarella cheese, crackers, strawberries and toast

Likes: being on the move, standing, bath time, chewing on things
Dislikes: not being able to keep up with Big Sister, diaper changes

We were a couple days late taking these pictures due to Preschool starting and moving to our new house!

Get me out of here!

happy baby :)

She is on the move!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School at FUMC Preschool!

Both girls started Tuesday/Thursday Preschool at our church, First United Methodist today. We were really excited to start a fun year!
Anne Cambria is in the 2yr old preschool room and we have Mrs. Sallie Belle and Mrs. Dee as our teachers this year. All of our classmates from last year are in her room plus 4 new little friends! We are very excited to have one of our gymnastic buddies, Lucy, in our class. There are 6 kids in her preschool class (including Anne Cambria) that are all also in Sunday School together! I love it! This  year Anne Cambria naps on a "kinder-mat". It hurt my feelings to buy one of those! I feel like that is a big milestone for her. She told me she had "lots of fun" on her first day so that made me really happy!
Mary Kate started preschool in the infant room with Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Joan. I cannot believe that it has been two years since Anne Cambria was in this room! I would have been a bit nervous, but I know both of these ladies are fabulous! Right now there are only 6 little babies in this room and Mary Kate is the only girl. She has lots of boyfriends to choose from. In January two more babies will be joining them, baby Culpepper (girl) and baby Beavers (boy). I know she will learn lots of tricks while in the infant room. Mary Kate actually napped while at school and Mrs. Joan said she wasn't a bit fussy! Yay!
We had a photo session before school and the pictures do not show the excitement that the girls were feeling. For some reason they were very stoic in these pictures. We are not really "early morning" people at our house. ;)

My sweet baby girl!

And so the comedy show of taking pictures begins........

At least they are both looking in the same direction.....

Possibly the best picture I got that morning

My big girl!! :)