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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moving Day/Weekend/Week

So, on Friday we closed on our house and started moving. And we are STILL moving boxes. It seems like it is going to be a never ending process, but we are down to a few closets at my parents house and a closet at Johnny's parents house. All of our wedding gifts (literally 90%) of them are at my parent's house in closets. I haven't seen most of them since April 2008 ha! It'll be like Christmas opening all of those boxes again. They are all still neatly wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap and in original boxes. Johnny says I tend to be a clutterbug, and I normally argue the opposite. But, after moving and seeing all the junk we have, I may have to admit he is right. It is amazing how much junk you can accumulate in three short years of marriage. However, it has made me throw away a ton of stuff and we are having a garage sale Saturday so we are getting rid of a lot of stuff that way too. Pictures will be added soon....at the moment I honestly don't even know where the Nikon is ha! I'm sure it's in a box. ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Our house is DONE....finished, complete...whatever you want to call it....We are moving in this weekend! YAY! My spring break (last spring break ever and I'll be spending it unpacking boxes and organizing all week) is next week so I should be very productive. We are closing tomorrow at 4 and Room to Room is delivering a truck load of furniture today. I am beyond excited (if you can't tell). My Dad built our house and he has worked so hard to make it just like we wanted. He is such an amazing Dad, and he always does quality work. So I know this house will be fabulous for years and years to come. I am going to take some pictures before furniture is delivered and post them. I am pumped! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

So Close

I almost can't stand the anticipation any longer......

lanterns on

Sunday, March 13, 2011

3 month old pics

Here are the pictures from our 3 month photo shoot. :) Anne Cambria is such a trooper. I guess that's a good thing because as most of you know, I am a picture fanatic, so she will grow up with a camera in her face. She will appreciate it one day. Anyways, here are some photos from the shoot.

Happy Birthday to Me!
hey Bun Bun
party time!
so, what are we going to do today, Bun Bun??
happy baby
just relaxing in the bouncy seat
with momma :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life and Queen Anne

So life is pretty busy right now. I have started boxing things up for the big move (finally!) and Anne Cambria is keeping us on our toes. She is rolling over pretty consistently now. However, after 4 or 5 attempts she gets frustrated and appreciates a little "push" to finish her roll ha! We are hoping to start moving boxes into the garages this weekend. PTL! Flooring is almost done and we are hoping for countertops any day now. It is SO nice to almost be done. I love the fact that our house is "custom", however, I never realized how many details went in to building a house. For instance, we have 5 grout colors on the entire house; 1 for the outside brick, 1 for the inside brick, 1 for the tile in the bathrooms, and 1 for the tile in the kitchen, and 1 for the back splash.....who would have thought?! And picking things like shingle color, trim color, etc.....its just exhausting. But I must give props to Susan Webb at Room to Room who has helped us pick out almost every detail of our house. From grout to brick to shingles to paint colors to trim colors to light fixtures to flooring etc, etc, etc she has helped us every step of the way. I can't wait to post final pics of everything.
On another Queen Anne update, she is doing so much these days. I can sit her up and let go and she will balance for about 4secs on her own. She has mastered the bumbo....no more slumping. :) I can prop her up on pillows and she can "sit up" for a while (30-45secs) without wiggling/slouching. She started watching Baby Einstein and LOVES it. I put her in the swing infront of the TV and she is pacified for 30-45mins without making a peep besides laughing or talking to the TV. We are hoping to start rice cereal in another 2.5 weeks. You are suppose to wait until they are four months, but I really want to start it while I am off for Spring Break, that way if she has any stomach upset I can be there and not make Gran or Granny have to deal with it. Plus, its only 8days early so I think it will be fine. She is still sleeping through the night, 9:00ishpm-5:30isham, taking a bottle then sleeping til around 8:30am. She is just perfect (in our eyes at least). I have scheduled her 6 months pics with Jill Carter and I am SO excited. Jill does the best work and I cannot wait to see how much she has changed. Oh, and today is Anne Cambria's 3 month birthday. :) We had our photo session this morning before I came to the hospital, so I will post those pics once I get them uploaded.
I guess you could say I am seeing two lights at the end of my "tunnel" right now. #1 the house and #2 (most importantly) I am ALMOST finished with pharmacy school. After 8 years of college (2 Bachelor degrees and a soon to be doctorate), I can say that I am FINISHED with school. I hope to never take another college course in my life. I have been in college classes since January 2003 (last semester of HS). It is time to be DONE. And on May 14, 2011 at 2:00pm I will be!! PTL above from whom all Blessings flow!!!!! :) Also, in two weeks from today, I will know my employment status. I have 3 things on the table right now, and 1 of them is more out of my control than the other 2, so I am trying to not be anxious and let God work things out. But for those of you that know me really well, you know that I am a planner and that I like to know YESTERDAY what I am doing TOMORROW. So, with that being said....I am definitely a tad anxious. But on March 23, it will all be finalized. :)
Pictures of the Queen to follow later. Oh and on a random side note, the new bedding I picked out for the master bedroom is called "Queen Anne" ha! I found it slightly amusing.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Light at the end of the Tunnel

We are in the last stages of construction. I am SO excited that our house is almost done. We locked in an interest rate last Friday, and we are suppose to close around March 25th. Praise the Lord! :) Here are a few pictures of the house so far....

sidewalk and driveway poured

missing the gas lanterns and shutters



outdoor patio

outdoor fireplace

looking towards the foyer

living room

living room

looking into the master bathroom

my bath tub (Johnny's shower has the same tile work)