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Sunday, June 16, 2013

How we cool off at the Burk household ;)

One afternoon I took a nap while Mary Kate was napping, and when I woke up I found Johnny and Anne Cambria outside playing. She was playing "waterslide". However, Johnny had let her take off her swim suit so she could be a "jay bird on the waterslide". The pictures explain the rest....



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mary Kate is 5 Months Old

Mary Kate is 5 months old and SO busy these days. We are pretty much a "sitter" now. She can sit for a few minutes before toppling over. :) She found her feet shortly after turning 4 months old and still loves to grab them. Mary Kate absolutely LOVES the jumperoo. She will stay in it for almost an hour before getting bored. She enjoys watching Baby Einstein and Mickey Mouse. She is such a sweet baby. She is still a chunky little thing but she can wear all of the clothes that I kept from Anne Cambria. We have started baby food and we love carrots and squash so far. I know she will love fruits too once we start those. She is still taking 4 bottles a day and 3 naps. I think we will drop our late afternoon "cat nap" in a couple months. Mary Kate has started teething. She cannot keep her fingers out of her mouth! I can see a couple "buds" that are getting ready to pop through so it won't be long!
It seems like things are going by faster with Mary Kate, but we are loving every minute of it! :)

The view is much better this way!

Chewing on everything!

cheeks for days :)

Happy 5 Months to Me!