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Monday, October 18, 2010

Best Article in the DM

As everyone knows, Ole Miss finally picked an "on field mascot". And its embarrassing and humiliating. I hate it. I would rather not have one. It is stupid and has nothing to do with Ole Miss. So, when people mock us for choosing a BLACK bear as a mascot, I agree. It doesn't offend me or make me mad. I just wish Ole Miss would take away the stupid bear and let us be the Ole Miss Rebels withOUT an on field mascot. Who cares about an on field mascot anyways?!?! Colonel Reb will always be my mascot, and the bear will be ignored (I guess until Anne Cambria screams for an ole miss teddy bear in the Rebel Shop ha). Anywho, I just needed to post one more rant on how awful of a decision the administration made.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ole Miss "Mascot"

Everyone knows the situation with Colonel Reb being taken away, and now Ole Miss fans are being forced to stomach one of the nauseating new mascot options. The original 10-11 options were all embarrassing, and "they" have now narrowed it down to 3 finalists:
1. A Bear
2. Landshark
3. Hotty Toddy

All three of which are awful. They are stupid and have absolutely NOTHING to do with Ole Miss tradition or the school (except possibly Hotty Toddy but "hotty toddy" is a saying...not a person). I just wonder what the mascot committee members are really thinking?? Do they actually like these options themselves, or are they just crumbling to the pressure from all the idiots that wanted to get rid of Colonel Reb so Ole Miss fans can "unite"??? Well, getting rid of Colonel Reb definitely did NOT unite Ole Miss fans. I think it drove an even bigger divide among us. And on top of that, we now get to be embarrassed by pathetic mascot options. Here are the depictions of what each possible mascot might look like:

All three options make me cringe. I just felt like venting. I'm sure everyone in the SEC and the country can get a good laugh out of Ole Miss's mascot options.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Baby Shower

My sister hosted my first baby shower this past Sunday. It was wonderful. Everything was so pretty and pink (of course). Lots of family and friends were able to come and Anne Cambria got some great gifts. I can't wait for her to get here so I can dress her in all her adorable little outfits. Here are a few pictures from the shower. Thanks Ashley for a great shower!

Thomas was my big helper

Glenda, Ashley, Me, and Mom

Definitely a big help ;)

cutest knit dress

Addy, Me, and Katy Anna

pretty pink

cute bootie cupcakes

adorable cake made my Mary McGuire Henson (and delicious as usual)

Oh, and we had a check up last Tuesday, 09/28/10, and Anne Cambria looks great! Her weight is good, right at 3lbs, and there was no evidence of cleft lip or palate. Her heart rate was good and we are now going for doctor visits every 2 weeks. CRAZY! And what is even crazier, is that 2 months from this Saturday, Oct. 9, Anne Cambria will make her arrival!!!! O.M.G! Also, we had our 3D/4D sonogram today and I must say she is pretty cute. :) She has Johnny's lips and my nose (or at least I think so). I will be uploading a couple pictures from that later this week. Now we are just waiting for Queen Anne's arrival! :)